5 Day Spring Detox

5 Day Spring Detox


Ayurvedic Digestive Reset and Liver Cleanse

Ready to get rid of the fog and heaviness of winter? The 5 DAY SPRING DETOX is for you! I have been offering this cleanse, that focuses on detoxing the liver and resting the digestive system, for over a decade with amazing results. Just like we spring clean our homes, we also have to clean out our bodies. This cleanse can sharpen your concentration, boost immune function, alleviate allergies, and improve digestion.

This spring I am offering the program for only $125 which includes:

  • Liver Cleanse Elixir Recipe

  • Detailed Specialized Detox Program Guide

  • Two 30 minute coaching sessions on first and final day of cleanse

  • Email support throughout 5 day period

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